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How we do it

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We ask the right questions and listen to the answers. 

From initial contact, we work with our clients to define the services we can offer to support their project. We conduct research and preliminary survey work. We manage client expectations, identifying limitations and risk elements which may impact the design. A clear definition of the proposition/design brief ensures our project proposal is workable, deliverable and fulfils all initial requirements. 


Our comprehensive, holistic design approach sets us apart from our competitors. 

We design specification proposals based on the project definition, using our specialist academic knowledge and decades of practical industry experience. Every design, no matter what project type or industry, adheres to recognised industry best practice and codes of conduct. We embrace innovation and technology to provide state-of-the-art projects with inherent durability and longevity. Our proposals also incorporate relevant information from national governing bodies (where required).

Value engineering is a key part of our proposals. We continuously evaluate every aspect of the proposal to ensure the most cost-effective solutions are used to achieve project objectives. We also build a level of flexibility into our proposals, allowing for amendments as the project progresses or if client needs change. 


We are committed to exceeding client expectations. 

We deliver our proposals on time and within budget. Our preferred delivery partners are experienced industry experts with unparalleled professional reputations. The materials and equipment we use are appropriately certified and of the highest quality.

We continue to collaborate with our client during the delivery process, offering creative solutions to any issues which may arise. These solutions may include proposal or performance enhancements to reduce unnecessary costs, maintain budgets and ensure delivery within defined timescales.