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Land Drainage

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With over 30 years of practical and technical experience, Sports & Spaces Ltd offer land drainage solutions for every green environment application. Having degree level qualifications in soil and water engineering combined with hands-on installation experience and knowledge, Robert is one of the best qualified and experienced land drainage engineers available to assist with your project whether it be agricultural, sports turf, landscape, or amenity.

Up-to-date knowledge of land drainage strategies, methodologies, and technologies ensures our clients receive the best possible advice and cost-effective solutions to their land drainage requirements. Having previously been appointed Chairman of the Land Drainage Contractors Association (LDCA), Robert retains very strong links with the land drainage industry throughout the UK.

Detailed drainage reviews, assessments, specifications, and designs accompany some of the services offered within our consultancy portfolio; and with his ongoing academic lecturing and presentations on the subject, our clients can be assured of the best available advice for land drainage strategies, developed to optimise land-use objectives. In these times of increased extreme weather events, it is important to develop land drainage schemes and strategies that are built for the future whilst recognising the valuable resource that water is and the benefit to flora and fauna that managed soil moisture regimes offer.

Whole scale land drainage scheme designs include golf courses, winter sports pitches, services/utilities easements, and way leave corridors, together with domestic and amenity installations of any size/nature both in the UK and abroad.