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Carbon Grass

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Sports & Spaces Ltd holds the exclusive distribution rights for Carbon GrassTM cultivars. Carbon grasses are slow-growing and low maintenance and provide an opportunity to increase biosequestration – the net removal of CO2 from the atmosphere by plants and micro-organisms and storing it the soil.


These benefits are achieved through ‘Sward SwapTM’. The existing sward (expanse of short grass) is sprayed with a systemic, non-residual herbicide, immediately followed by intensive overseeding of the Carbon GrassTM cultivar. As the existing sward dies, the new cultivars germinate and grow, providing an indistinguishable transition from old sward to new perennial grassland. There is no ploughing, cultivation or surface disturbance and grass cutting frequencies are reduced.


In one year, one hectare of permanent perennial grassland can sequester 85% more carbon within the soil than one hectare of deciduous woodland


The answer to reducing carbon emissions is literally under our feet. Carbon GrassTM puts carbon back in the soil where it belongs.


For more information, please read the article here or visit the Carbon Grasses website.