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Education Sector

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Natural Turf Pitches

Synthetic Sports Surfaces, including:

ATP’s (artificial turf pitches)

AWPs (all-weather pitches)

MUGAs (multi-use games areas)

Non-turf wickets (cricket)

The range of available sporting surfaces and options, available to the education sector are far-reaching and often confusing.

We recognise the importance of sport as a vital component of the educational curriculum and understand that the provision of appropriate sports surfaces in educational environments provides students with skills & experiences that “carry over” into lifelong learning and individual character attributes the “life skills” experience of school based sport is considered an essential building block for future societal needs.

We recognise that outdoor sports surface provision is effectively the delivery of ‘outdoor classrooms’.

We have the ability and experience to innovate, renovate, renew, and construct.

This service may involve the renewal/refurbishment of existing facilities, to optimise performance, accessibility, and availability.

We also provide ‘new build’ services including:




of industry recognised exemplar facilities to individual requirements and ideals.

The process:

1. Define

2. Design

3. Develop

are key actions followed through the development of your project.