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Subscription Services

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An increasing number of Sports & Spaces customer base have committed to a subscription agreement whereby our consultancy support is provided year-round on an ‘as required’ basis.

This arrangement suits clients with continuous project development and/or a long-term maintenance objective requirement for a single site, or multisite portfolio.

Our subscription support service endeavours to provide ‘insight, solutions & support’.

Much of our support function is based upon frequent auditing and maintenance recommendations so that failed surfaces or cancelled matches/competitions are minimised. We strongly advise preventative maintenance measures running concurrent with successful grass growth culture and strong sward development are the primary objectives of a permanent managed amenity/sports natural grass surface. Additionally, the ‘support’ is sometimes simply a friendly and understanding voice at the end of the phone, when a kindred spirit/sympathetic ear is all that is required.

We often find ourselves working with sports facilities committees, especially planning budgets and funding for facilities development and upgrading initiatives. Our ‘board room’ experience helps present compelling rationale supporting significant funding initiatives. This support service (also offered in a Non-Executive Director, NED capacity) is a valued contribution to clubs, associations, committees, and companies nationwide.

Please enquire about our subscription services and we will develop a package specifically suiting your requirements.