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Sports & Spaces Ltd was formed/incorporated in June 2012; having identified a market requirement for an independent sports surface and landscape construction design consultancy practice, to address holistic and sustainable design approaches to complex public green space and multi sports/pitches sites.

Particularly, providing community sports hub provision & educational establishments sporting provision “outdoor classrooms”. Creating ‘public realm’ green infrastructure is often the principal objective of our projects, however all design & construction disciplines are transferable to private clients, be it sports clubs, construction companies, landowners or high net-worth individuals.

It was perceived that the current marketplace provided little opportunity for choice amongst clients, and the increased prevalence of publicly funded, community sports facilities and public green space provision offered a unique and accessible consultancy practice, with a breadth & depth of knowledge; academically, practically and commercially helping to service a national need and address current governmental policies regarding public access to green spaces, the current obesity agenda and sustainable solutions for climate change mitigation. As chartered environmentalists & soil and water engineers, every project is scrutinised and proposed to offer optimal ecological & sustainable development practices/design to ensure that every opportunity is addressed during both design & construction phases to deliver environmental enhancement in parallel with the delivery of the original facility design brief. The design culture is firmly of the belief that outdoor sports facilities should be closely aligned with site landscaping objectives, ensuring no ecological/environmental loss/compromise and ensuring visual impacts of new developments are largely mitigated.

These enhancements may include sustainable urban drainage SUDS, atmospheric CO2 sequestration & storage, through carbon Grasses™ and bespoke landscape planting schemes, along with soil handling best practice strategies and zero waste from site policies.

Water harvesting is always explored when greywater reuse may be desirable within the facility development. Sustainable environmental enhancement is always a desirable ‘by-product’ of a Sports & Spaces project design protocol, where realistically achievable. We always aim to handover the project site in a better environmental condition than we found it, particularly in regard to brownfield site remediation and re-purposing agricultural land.