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Our company brand represents engineering excellence, in our field, customer satisfaction facility performance and pride and commitment.

The pride of those who engineer Sports & Spaces facilities.

The commitment of those who service and maintain our customer relations.

The brand logo represents the concept of ‘dualism’- ying and yang, exploring how seemingly opposite entities may be interconnected in the natural world… Soil and water the soothing green hues represent our bio-phillic passions, love of the natural world.

This culture runs deep and is expressed in our bio engineering solutions and the widescale adoption of our Carbon Grass™ cultivar varieties. Soil health, green engineering, and habitat enhancement are all components contributory to the necessary and current ‘green revolution’.

We will pursue a zero-carbon objective through socially responsible strategies and policies, minimising any form of pollution and optimising natural cleansing and environmental enhancement through our project designs and the objective to leave completed projects in a better/more sustainable condition than we found it. Our legacy being holistic environmental enhancement.

Sports and Spaces Ltd brings trustworthy and experienced cost-effective sports surface and landscape design construction services, helping our customers create and deliver exemplary sports and landscape projects.

Making your great outdoors projects together!